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Set up such a epic - It Portmanteau in the manner circle.

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Set up such a epic - It Portmanteau in the manner circle.

Ungelesener Beitragvon Kicywolilla » 23. Okt 2012, 03:42

Have such a セリーヌ myth - It Bag in the style circle. The It bag, not the "wrap it", but a "obligated to obtain" セリーヌ ハンドバッグ package. It Carpet-bag Verification standards, that is, with the gargantuan incomparable of the most photographed, is modeled on the most bags. Than Hermes, Chanel and other bulky luxuriousness It bag the several archetypal coupled Celine paragraph the "social climber suggestion" and not so emphatic, on the unfriendly, several bags capable of adhering to the fundamental Celine label manfulness, suffer from illustrious idol to the influx of people's favorite grand street.
Follower Bingbing at the airport toting Classic Box
Refer to of the French hedonism セリーヌ トート brand name Celine, the first brooding is it may be that models conventional in the world "Jiong gutsiness out" In fact, in totalling to the worrying look package, the Paris red name brand also has a Legendary Encase, Cabas legendary shopping vocation carpet-bag models, all sections can be called the It Bag. Classic Bag can be called a immortal of classics. Perhaps scenery セリーヌ バッグ shapely grandeur hulking they at the moment be required to pass by way of stages, Celine has a crisis a not many years ago, and turned the corner of the brand is the Masterpiece Box. Tight-fisted adjust combination of elementary lines, low-key atmosphere of nostalgia, yuppy and assertive "Paragon" name, this exudes handsome retro climate of a famous engagement, hovering on the edge of Celine pair backwards to the first-tier brands. Jiong encounter pack is in point of fact red, purple, launched in 2010 away the the Celine design captain Phoebe Philo, the designer This package named to the Baggage Boston Bag. Jiong masquerade parcel carrying steer and zipper emplacement formed at one such as the overall plan of the false impression, also known as smiley combination, proper to its innovative and whimsical fad and honourable outline, a get going would fool been enthusiastic going of 2011, the discredit launched a offering called Figment of the imagination of bags, Belongings different, outwardly exposed on both sides of the new bags, intemperance the closed zipper mean to replace layered belt lacing, either hanging on both sides other Be influenced of buckle. Apparition has a greater quantity of its lone half-open, half closed aspect than smiley packets more tail of humor, fans called the "major ears".

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